JTM Gardens
Jesse and Terah George
781 Birdfarm Road
Jasper, AL 35503
(205) 387-8897


THANKS to ALL of YOU for your continued support and confidence in our daylilies.  Thanks for your kind words of encouragement about our Introductions and Seedlings.

JTM Gardens is a family owned and operated garden.  We grow approximately 800 different registered varieties of daylilies and 5,000 seedlings.

 We add new varieties to our garden each year.  These are selected from the most noted hybridizers throughout the country.  If you are looking for a certain daylily, contact us, as we may have it but not have enough to list.

 Some plants are in short supply, so order early to avoid disappointment.  We give double divisions on all cultivars unless they are listed as single.  Please indicate if substitutions (subs) are acceptable.  List subs in order of preference.  Bonus plants will equal 30% of order or more.  If you are not pleased with the plants when you receive them, do not plant!!!  Return immediately with the original labels for a full refund.  Payment must be mailed in advance of shipment (Check or Money Order).

 JTM Gardens is located 6 miles north of Jasper, one mile off Highway 257 on the Bird Farm Road. VISITORS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME!!!  Call for more detailed directions.


We are an AHS Display Garden,

Jesse & Terah George


Saturday June 4th, 2016
Open Garden at JTM Gardens


May 20th and 21st, 2106
Region 14 Spring Meeting in Dothan, AL
Hosted by:  Wiregrass Daylily Society
Hosted at: Dothan Area Botanical Gardens
Guest Speaker:  Jamie Gossard